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Nov 22 2011

Not for a million dollars…

This is the first time I’ve opened a word document to type anything but lesson plans, grad school papers, or to do lists in… well, probably about 4 months. 4 months since my 21st birthday. 4 months since I’ve started working.
I did exactly what I didn’t want to. I stopped writing as soon as I started teaching… The truth is so many things have happened. So many ups and downs. So many roller coaster rides. Sometimes every week feels like one, sometimes each day, and even sometimes, every hour has it’s highs and lows.
I LOVE teaching though. (95% of the time at least…) As rough as it is to fight that alarm clock in the morning and roll out of bed, waking up to a desert sunrise sure takes the cake. Coffee has become a huge crutch in my life, (even if I don’t always get to finish my first…

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Aug 07 2011

School starts tomorrow!

I’m anxious as a little kindergartener. I’m so excited to see their smiling faces tomorrow! It’s gonna be great! (No, but really, I’m very nervous!!)

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Jul 24 2011

New life?

I mailed postcards to my 26 second graders this week. I am SO excited to meet them in 2 short weeks! Tomorrow is my first day at my school, AND my 21st birthday. If you asked me last year why I was excited for July 25, 2011….. it would NOT have been because I’m meeting…

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Jul 16 2011

The end of an institute.

Phoenix institute ended today. The last day in Room 23 with my Superstars was yesterday. We had SO much fun. Boy, I’m going to miss those kids. They made SUCH growth. One student in particular went from a 37% on his math diagnostic, and scored a 97% on his final. But almost more than the…

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Jul 06 2011

breaking point

I’m close to it. I’m so close to reaching my breaking point. If teaching is this much of an emotional roller coaster, how the hell am I supposed to do this everyday for the next 2 years? I know I’m learning, but my kids aren’t. And I’m getting upset when I’m told things to improve…

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Jul 04 2011

Week 3 Update

Um. It was rough. There were lots of tears. I realized my main issues with my success in teaching in classroom management. I am decent at planning, but the things that keep me from executing those plans in my classroom management. Let’s hope Week 4 and teaching expository has something different in tow for me.…

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Jun 27 2011

The kids are my coffee.

Don’t get me wrong…. I haven’t substituted time with 6-8 year olds with real, fresh, strong, coffee in the morning (or all day long…) But seriously, I am energized by these children. Working with them in Academic Intervention Hour every morning makes me smile. Makes me forget how tired I really am. Then by 9:10…

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Oh boy. What a week. I learned a lot about myself, and institute. And first graders. I’ll do a quick run down of my week…. Sunday: Hell in the copy center. PLAN AHEAD folks… I learned my lesson the hard way. Do not wait until late on Sunday to actually be productive and get work…

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Jun 17 2011

Institute: Week One

Well….all I can say about week 1 is….I survived. I can’t really say I rocked at too much more than surviving. My lesson plans for Monday-Wednesday still probably need some revision, my classroom has a little color on the walls, we still are a bit fuzzy on behavior management for summer school, and I already…

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Jun 11 2011

A few more thoughts on Induction

I’m writing this post early Saturday morning (my body clock is changing already with these early wake up calls!) — Sitting in my dorm room, I’ve already been out, dropped a friend off at the airport, made a new friend at the coffee shop across the street, and all before my roommate woke up! I…

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